How can one feel less tired and depressed?

When we get tired, when we feel frustrated or depressed, we tend to bend our back, to stoop. The same happens a great deal as we get older. This is one of the reasons why old people are so short (the other reason is that the cartilage tissue inside our intervertebral discs is getting weaker as the years go by).

When we perform the Deep Wave or Deep Gymnastics exercises, we make exactly the opposite happen : we stretch different parts of our body, while putting our attention on these body areas and this way we revitalize and strengthen various body parts : muscles, ligaments, joints. After the practice you will probably feel less tired, more alive, and more fulfilled.

The bonus is that you don’t have to dedicate too much time for the practice. Just 10 minutes a day : in the morning, when you awake, or in the evening, when you come back home tired from work, or even during your lunch break. More over, you can perform some elements of the practice while washing dishes or brushing teeth (that is extremely excellent for babies’ mums like me who don’t have time at all).