Reiki, Deep practices, pregnancy and kids

pregnancy2Being pregnant is not always easy. Having small kids is not easy. Except the moments of joy and happiness you may have moments of stress, breakdown and tremendous tiredness.
During pregnancy I felt that my body was really missing motion. I was urged to walk very slowly. I was not able to jump, to run, to be active as I used to be before.
Practicing spine gymnastics, vocal yoga and Sun Touch massage helped me to reduce tension at the lower back area and to reduce edemas at the ankles and feet area. It also gave my body the needed motion and helped me to sustain some sort of emotional stability at the times of pregnancy hormones freaking out.

reiki kids


And what about small kids? One moment you’re so happy with them and the next one they drive you nuts. Reiki, Sun Touch and vocal yoga help to remain calmer in the hardest situations with the kids and of course to support their health and growth.